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The purpose of this course is to live the atmosphere and the experience of an antique craft that has become the passion of many – fishing. Experience intense moments where the sea, the wind and the bait transform each “catch” into a unique experience. Over 5 days the student will fish, experiencing different types of catch from shallow waters to deep sea with various techniques for capture. But not only: the catch will be transformed into a dish, you will learn how to fillet the fish and present it to your friends combining it together with the perfect wine… all in full Apulian style. The wind and the sea are the perfect backdrop for this special course dedicated to the more adventurous but also for those who simply want to enjoy a fantastic experience.


Day 1

  • Preparation of the equipment and a small introduction as to the goals of the fish (Big game fishing “stationary fishing” and trolling “fishing while moving with live bait”).
  • Introduction to the types of fish to be caught, the equipment to be mounted and the correct bait to be used.
  • Introduction to the winds, marine currents and types of fishing boats.

Day 2

  • Preparation of the equipment and a small introduction as to the goals of the fish (Stationary fishing)
  • Introduction to fishing with a lamp (an antique technique with a lamp and a spear; we will work alongside a fishing boat)
  • Introduction into the use of LED and bells for night time fishing.
  • Anecdotes and legends of fishing

Day 3

  • A sunrise trip for squid (light trolling) and then fishing for Octopus.
  • A visit aboard a fishing vessel; deep sea net fishing.
  • Catch and origin of shellfish; fishing with a lobster pot
  • A visit to a fishmongers (Pescheria Adriatica) and a mollusk farm (Ittimar).

Day 4

  • The aim of the day is to explain how to properly clean a fish depending on the cooking technique and the various techniques for “filleting”. Introduction into the various styles of cooking (grilled, oven baked, salt baked, Carpaccio, with pasta and others)
  • Information as to the proper cleaning method and opening techniques used for sea-food (mussels, oysters, cockles, clams, sea urchins and more). The approach to cooking and combining side-dishes
  • Introduction to Apulian/Local wines to compliment the dish

Day 5

  • Preparation and realization of a dish with a complimentary wine selection
  • Tasting, discussion and final valuation of the dishes prepared.

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(this academy is not available from 1st june to 30th september)

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